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"Giving Back is Always in Style"

July 27, 2016      


Here at Samantha Leibowitz New York, we believe in giving back to the community in any form that we can. Growing up Samantha was always very involved in her community and knew that this was something she wanted to incorporate into her company. In the early stages of her business, Samantha had the opportunity to get involved with many different foundations that are trying to make a difference in today’s society and jumped at the chance to help these organizations work toward their goals. So please take a minute and meet the amazing organizations that we are proud to sponsor.


The Philadelphia Friendship Circle:

         This organization connects teens and young adults to youth with special needs and their families through a full range of social offerings. Specifically, it provides a caring environment where children can enjoy the one-on-one company of a teenage volunteer. Samantha has been involved with the Philadelphia Friendship Circle since she was twelve years old, volunteering every Sunday to help out with the children. Now as a business owner, Samantha has decided to sponsor their runs that are held every year. To learn more about this organization, feel free to visit their website

Comedy Cures:

         Comedy Cures is a national non-profit organization that brings laughter to kids and adults living with any type of illness, depression or disabilities. Cancer survivor, Saranne and her daughter Lauriel, co-founded this organization to bring back joy to the body, mind and spirit of patients and families living with an illness. Comedy Cures has a special place in Samantha’s heart. Samantha was captivated by the cause and work of Comedy cures and as a result, decided to sponsor a comedy event this past spring. If you would like to know more about Comedy Cures, please visit their website at


         This behavioral healthcare organization strives to use medical advancements to connect with effective interventions in areas of autism, intellectual and developmental disabilities. The Leibowitz Family has been involved with this foundation for many years, as Helaine Leibowitz is on the Devereux gala committee. After attending a fundraising event as a family, Samantha realized that she wanted to be more involved in this organization and now sponsors the golf and tennis outing. If you would like to learn more about Devereux or make a donation please visit their website at


Book Trust:

         Located in Denver, Colorado, Book Trust is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to closing the literacy gap among children. Their goal is to enable children from low-income families to own books and develop a passion for reading and life-long learning. This foundation is something that Samantha chose to be involved with as her cousin, Amy Friedman is the CEO & President. She recently sponsored a Book Trust event and was extremely grateful to know that she was making a difference in many children’s lives. To learn more about Book Trust and how to get involved visit their website at

Safe Horizon:

         Safe Horizon is an amazing non-profit victim service agency whose mission is to provide support, prevent violence and promote justice for victims of abuse in New York City. This organization is the number one domestic violence foundation in the United States and has helped more than 250,000 adults, children and families affected by abuse in NYC. Samantha made the decision to be apart of Safe Horizon in 2016 because she truly believes in this foundation and their vision. To learn more about Safe Horizon, check out their website at

Peter’s Place

         The goal of Peter’s Place is to provide a safe and supportive environment for grieving children and families. Located on the Mainline outside Philadelphia, Peter’s Place was the first family grief support agency in this area. Samantha became involved with this organization as she is from the Mainline. Samantha strongly supports their mission and how they help children and families move forward with their lives after a loss. Check out their website at, to learn more about them and how they are making a difference.


Breakthrough TV:

         Breakthrough is a human rights organization that strives to make social change in the world. They are working towards preventing violence against women by transforming the norms and cultures that have been enabling it. After attending an event that was being held in New York City, Samantha was inspired by the ideals behind Breakthrough. Immediately she knew that it was a great fit for her to be a part of. To learn more information and how to get involved with Breakthrough, visit their website at



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