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Sam's Guest Lecture at Parsons

August 8, 2017

Last week, Sam had the opportunity to give a guest lecture at Parsons School of Design! She spoke to numerous students from around the world, all who have started creating their own unique clothing lines. Sam was able to give these students inspiration for their own lines, as well as share her experience creating and maintaining SLNY!


Samantha first discussed how the production side of owning a fashion line functions. Between the design process and photo shoots, there’s so much that goes on behind the scenes of a clothing company, and all of it is equally important to ensure a successful collection. Sam listed all of the fabrics she primarily uses in her collections, and the audience was excited to see that most fabrications are UV protectant, moisture wicking, and wrinkle free!


Sam also discussed the upcoming importance of social media when it comes to public engagement and free advertising. She talked about how social media has become important for the fashion industry itself, and specified how different social media platforms have affected SLNY directly.


Finally, the presentation concluded with Sam’s thoughts on the press she has received since her launch in 2015. From winning awards, to fashion magazine mentions, to promotions with fashion bloggers, Sam has had her fair share of press experience!


The audience was eager with questions and comments about how hard Sam has worked for her success. We can’t wait for the next time she’s asked to give a guest lecture!


Make sure to check out our press page for more information about SLNY press opportunities! xo, SLNY.








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