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SLNY City Street Style

August 3, 2017

Since everything at SLNY can be worn dawn until dusk, we thought we should highlight some of our favorite versatile looks: street style edition. Street style is the perfect way to see how clothing looks on everyday, working women, and we are so excited to share our city looks with you all! Take a look at how we wear our favorite styles as we explore the Concrete Jungle.


Rain or shine, our clothing at SLNY will make your street style fashionable, yet functional. Our moisture wicking fabric will allow you to walk through the streets of NYC comfortably, whether it’s chilly and rainy or hot and humid.


Our clothing is inspired by architecture, which will make you look effortlessly cool next to all of the interesting buildings in the city. These geometric inspired prints reflect busy, city life in the most stylish way.  


However, when you do have the chance to reach those coveted green spots in New York, you’ll be sure to stand out in our colorful multi prints. No matter where you’re walking in the city, your style statement will be made clear: bold, independent, and adventurous!

Have a SLNY street style look? Email for a chance to be featured on our social media pages! xo, SLNY.







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