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Social Butterflies

August 10, 2017

It’s no question that social media has become a powerful force in the business world. What started as a creative way to define one’s own personal brand, social media has evolved into a useful tool for companies around the world to gain recognition, define their company culture, and showcase what they’re passionate about. It’s almost as if a company’s social media pages personify the brand itself, reflecting the type of “person” that company would be.


Now that social media, especially Instagram, has become a strong way to define a business, companies are coming up with ways to differentiate their page from other similar brands. One way SLNY stays unique is by creating different collages on our Instagram page. These collages not only spark curiosity to click on our page, as a viewer will only see a certain corner of an image unless he or she clicks on our page, but they also make our Instagram page artistic and aesthetically pleasing, just like our clothing!


At SLNY, our social media pages reflect the Samantha girl. She’s bold, innovative, and fearless. She’s charming, down-to-Earth, and optimistic. Even while she’s out and about, she’s always contemporary-chic and poised. We love to show how Samantha girls style their SLNY outfits!



It’s important for us to highlight through social media how we value our customer base, especially on Instagram. Through social media, we show how we can inspire the everyday Samantha girls of the world; in turn, we become inspired by how our customers style our clothes in their own distinct ways. It’s a beautiful cycle of style!



There’s no doubt about it: social media is taking over the business world, one Instagram post at a time. At SLNY, we embrace the change fearlessly and are excited to find even more inspiration for what’s to come.


Make sure to follow our Instagram @samanthaleibowitzny! You can email any photos in your SLNY outfits to for a chance to be featured on our social media pages. xo, SLNY.








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