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The Perfectly Packed Suitcase

July 21, 2016       

         There is nothing better than a relaxing summertime getaway! Whether it’s a quick drive to the beach or a weeklong trip to the Caribbean, it is important to enjoy those summer days lounging around in the sun. Although vacations are relaxing, the weeks leading up to the trip can be very stressful, from last minute planning to packing your suitcase. When deciding what clothes, shoes and accessories to bring, you also have to consider the weather and activities that your trip entails. So skip the panic and let us help you achieve the perfectly packed bag.
        One of the biggest hassles when traveling is trying to stay cool and comfortable during those hot summer days, which is why our Terry Two Piece in black and white is a packing essential! Not only is this stylish outfit wrinkle free and UV protectant, but it is also moisture wicking to help keep you cool and dry throughout the day. Wear the Terry Two piece in white for a perfect brunch date or throw on the black one for more of a dinner date!
        Our other packing essential is The Samantha Dress, which is a versatile piece that is wrinkle free! Whether it's a rainy day or sunny and 75 degrees this dress can easily adjust to just about any length. Wear it as a maxi dress for a fun shopping day or make the bow bigger and wear it as a little black samantha dress during the night! This dress is perfect for any occasion and can truly be worn from dawn until dusk!
         Deciding what clothes to bring on vacation can sometimes be difficult, but just by packing these three pieces you are already achieving multiple looks! Samantha Leibowitz New York not only provides stylish clothing for the modern day woman but also offers pieces that are moisture wicking, UV protectant and wrinkle free, saving you the hassle of ironing or steaming your clothes. So relax and enjoy your time spent by the pool or beach knowing that you packed the perfect suitcase!



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