samantha leibowitz

  • July 7, 2016

             On July 9th, Fashion Avenue News Magazine will present a free fashion show that will feature over thirty independent designers. Known for their luxury events, Fashion on the Hudson will showcase couture designs, men’s wear, women’s ready-to-wear, and will conclude the show with children’s wear. This event, which is also known as, Independent Designers Fashion Week, will be held at Riverbank State Park in New York City this Saturday.
             After meeting and working with Sofia Davis, who is the editor of Fashion Ave News Magazine, Samantha is excited to be presenting twelve pieces from her latest collection. As opposed to many of her previous fashion shows, Samantha has chosen to only have two of her staple prints featured on the runway. The black multi print as well as the BW print will be seen on the runway this Saturday to really sell that fall feel! With over 30,000 people registered to attend this event, Samantha is thrilled to have her online store live and ready for all guests to shop!
            This glamorous event will bring together a wide variety of established and emerging designers to present part of their collection on the runway! For anyone who would like to attend this event, the doors open at noon and will close at 1pm sharp when the show begins. It is recommended to get there early since seats are not guaranteed as they are first come first serve. If you would like to attend this event please visit the website, for more information. 




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  • July 3, 2016

             Seeing as tomorrow is the 4th of July, we thought it would be fun to share with everyone some easy ideas on how to celebrate this Independence Day. Whether you are throwing a big party or a small backyard barbeque it is so simple to add a little patriotic style to your food, drinks and of course to your outfit! So it’s officially time to celebrate America’s birthday with family and friends because red, white and blue never looked so good!

                For starters amp up your menu with a little patriotic color and serve this tasty Red, White and Blue Sparking Sangria!


    • 1 bottle dry white wine
    • 2 cups fresh blueberries
    • 1 cup fresh raspberries
    • 1 cup apple juice
    • Fresh strawberries sliced
    • 1 bottle of champagne
    • 3 apples

             Combine the white wine, and all the fruit into a large pitcher and stir. After everything is stirred, refrigerate for a couple of hours to make sure all the flavors blend perfectly together! Once your guests arrive and you are ready to serve the sangria, mix in the champagne and add a little ice and you’re good to go! This fun and refreshing drink is great for everyone…over 21 of course! If needed, swap out the white wine for white grape juice and add 7-up instead of the champagne to give it a bubbly taste!


    What better way to get into the holiday spirit than to accessorize your outfit to create the perfect Fourth of July look! With summer in full swing, it can sometimes be difficult to find a cute outfit with the heat, but this Lauren High Low Dress is a must! Think of this dress as a blank canvas where you can style it to just about any occasion. Add a stylish pair of red shoes to really make a statement or add a blue necklace for more of a subtle feel. This lightweight, moisture wicking dress is great for those hot summer days and is a perfect patriotic look.

             Celebrating the Fourth of July is one of the best parts about summer. It is a time spent with family and friends but this day is important because it is the day we became an independent nation. We celebrate the values and ideals that America was built on, and here at Samantha Leibowitz New York we are proud to be made in America! We want to celebrate this day and offer a one-day sale on all ties and bow ties! Use this special code, FIREWORKIT, for tomorrow only to get an exclusive 15% off because its America’s birthday and everyone deserve a little something special!

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  • July 1, 2016

             The wait is finally over! We are so excited to announce that our website is finally live! After a full year of hard work and perfecting our collection, is officially ready to make its mark in the contemporary world of fashion! So get ready to shop and pre-order your favorite looks today!
          Samantha has created a collection that is designed to be sleek, pragmatic, colorful, classic and always concealing. One of our favorite pieces that embody all of these aspects would have to be the Samantha Dress. This dress is a very technical piece that has a drawstring up the side seam to adjust the length of the dress. Whether you are six foot or five feet this dress is easily able to adjust to your height. It is the perfect maxi dress to wear during the day or it can be a great little black dress to wear out at night! It is so unique and different and truly can be worn from dawn until dusk!

             Samantha is so excited to finally have her online store ready for everyone to shop! Each day our team creates pieces inspired by art and architecture to produce an everlasting style for the modern day woman. To ensure all of your favorite pieces are made to perfection, all orders will ship beginning of August. Being made in America, Samantha has had the privilege to watch each piece being constructed from the first stitch to the last button being sewn on. So welcome to the official website of Samantha Leibowitz New York!


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  • June 26, 2016

             On Thursday June 23, Samantha was invited to be a guest speaker at Parsons School of Design. Joan Duncan, who teaches at Parsons, asked Samantha to tell her story to her class to help them gain insight on what it takes to be an entrepreneur in the fashion industry. Samantha was more than happy to speak with Joan’s class and give some advice as well as share her story on how she created Samantha Leibowitz New York.

           The class was filled with students from around the world who were very interested in not only how Samantha got started, but also how she managed to get into Fashion Week within the first eight months of her company. Starting with her background, Samantha told the class that she knew she would have her own clothing line when she was fourteen years old. With that goal in mind, Samantha went on to work for eight different companies, became a certified colorist and graduated from West Virginia University. From there Samantha began working on her business plan and officially released the launch of her company, Samantha Liebowitz New York.
            But the big question of the day was still, how did such a new company manage to get into New York Fashion Week? Samantha explained to them that through networking and determination she made this possible. Although her assertiveness got her through the door, her work and designs are what got her into Fashion Week. They were blown away by her designs and could not believe that she had just recently launched her company. With three weeks to get everything together, Samantha and her team worked tirelessly to ensure that Fashion Week was a success!
            After Samantha finished her presentation, the class took their time looking at the look books, line sheets and sample sets Samantha brought to show the class. They not only got the chance to look at what goes in a look book and line sheet, but also were able to see and feel the samples that Samantha had. The presentation went flawlessly and Samantha had a great time meeting the students and answering all of their questions! We would like to thank Parsons and Joan Duncan for inviting Samantha to come and speak with this class and share her story!



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  • June 23, 2016

    On June 25th Samantha Leibowitz will be presenting twenty-five pieces from her latest collection during the Summer Fashion Explosion event at Hotel Pennsylvania in NYC. For the second year in a row, will host this glamorous event that will feature the clothing of many up and coming designers as well as those who are already established in the fashion industry. Hosted by Bianca Gold, a former contestant on “America’s Next Top Model”, this evening is sure to be one to remember!
              Samantha is excited to introduce her new Stadium Bag making its debut on the NYSFE runway. This clear stylish purse is perfect for just about any occasion! You can use this bag at any sports stadium or you can easily dress it up for a fun girl’s night out! With her online store launching on July 1st, Samantha feels that this is a great way to showcase her new line, which will be available for pre-sale for anyone in attendance at this event.
             This upscale event brings together designers from around the world to present their latest collection. At this event guest are invited to shop all the products as well as have the opportunity to network with stylists, designers, and boutique owners. If you would like to know any more about this event, please visit the website for more information.


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  • June 19, 2016

    “Behind every great daughter is a truly amazing dad”

             Throughout our lives we meet many people who leave footprints on our hearts, but there is no stronger form of love than the bond between a daughter and her father. Being the father of a daughter is no easy task. It involves a lot of patience, love, and most importantly understanding. A father is the first man a girl will ever love and most of all he is the man that sets the bar for all to follow. As today is Father’s Day, the SLNY team wanted to take a few moments and say thank you to all the amazing fathers/father figures in our lives.


    First, thank you for being a great role model.

             Growing up, I always knew that I wanted to be just like you. Your strength and courage never ceased to amaze me and because of you I had the most incredible role model. I am stronger and more confident today because you believed in me despite every obstacle that I faced.


    Thank you for teaching me the importance of hard work.

             I’ve learned from you that success takes a lot of hard work. You have taught me that it takes time, dedication, but most importantly it takes confidence. Because of you I now know the value of hard work and what it takes in order to achieve my dreams.


    Thank you for always putting your family first.

             In today’s society where family is pushed aside and ignored, thank you for always putting family first. I know it was not always easy for you, but growing up and having a father who continuously made family a priority is something that was never taken for granted. I know that you have sacrificed a lot for our family, but there isn’t a day goes by where we don’t appreciate all that you do.


    Most importantly, thank you for always loving me no matter what.

             I know that we have our differences, but thank you for always loving me for who I am. Your unconditional love and support helped shape me to become the woman I am today. Because you loved me I now know what love should and should not be. I now have extremely high expectations because you set the bar high. You have shown me to always wait for the love I deserve and never settle for anything less.

             You have taught me some of the most amazing life lessons and for that I can never thank you enough. If I can grow up to be half the person you are, that would be an amazing accomplishment. I hope to follow in your footsteps one day and to always hold onto these moments in my heart forever. So to all the wonderful fathers and father figures out there, Samantha would like to wish you a very Happy Father’s Day.

    Samantha would like to dedicate to her Father by honoring him with naming the SLNY tie after him….The Fred Tie. Get excited to buy your father the perfect Fred Tie or Kody Bow Tie launching July 1st at






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  • June 15, 2016

    Welcome to the official blog of Samantha Leibowitz New York! From the stitch to the runway, we are a hardworking team dedicated to making quality clothes that are vibrant and sophisticated. Through the combination of bold designs, high-end technology and consumer insight, the SLNY team works together to bring the perfect fit, function and flare to the contemporary woman! Find out more about the talented team that makes up Samantha Leibowitz New York!



    Samantha Leibowitz

    What is your Position/Title?

    CEO and Creative Director


    What is your favorite piece in this collection?

    I am obsessed with all of the no show bands, but my ultimate favorite piece is The Samantha Dress because of its concealed drawstring that is designed to change the length of the dress.


    How many years have you worked in the industry?

    As of the Fall 2016 it will be ten years that I have been in the fashion industry.


    What fashion trend do you currently love?

    My Favorite trend for the spring of 2016 is by far the Fun Fringe. Fringe has become such a fun detail that you can add on a dress, skirt, top, literally almost anything! This added trim creates a beautiful, soft, natural look that flows with the pace of the body. Every person can rock the fringe because it is universal for all body types, which is what makes it so special! 


    What is your proudest accomplishment?

    My proudest accomplishment by far is my company. I worked so hard for 8 different companies in 8 years. I really got to experience all different positions within the fashion industry, but seeing my first line hit NYFW in our first 8 months of launching was an amazing feeling. I am also very proud to be American Made and specifically NYC made! 



    Pauline Lock

    What is your position/title?

    I am the production manager and in charge of product development


    What is your favorite piece in this collection?

    The Samantha Maxi Dress because of its functionality.


    What is your favorite phase of production?

    My favorite phase is to do anything I can to make it happen! My “Let’s make it happen!” motto.


    What was your first job experience like working with Samantha Leibowitz?

    I loved working with a good friend


    If you could travel anywhere in the world right now where would you go?

    Maui, Hawaii



    Fred Leibowitz

    What is your position/title?

    Executive VP of Sales


    What is your favorite piece in this collection?

    The Samantha Dress.  I really like the various lengths women will be able to wear with this outfit.  You have 3 to 4 different looks for the price of one well-designed dress.


    What do you love about working with SLNY?

    The designs/ full collection are very hip and trendy for the younger generation along with being classy and sophisticated for the middle aged and above.

    What is your favorite sport/game to watch or play?

    I enjoy playing and watching golf, softball and basketball.


    If you could go back in time and give your 16-year-old self one piece of advice what would it be?

    I would tell my 16-year-old self to put forth a better effort in my education and basic life lessons.




    Helaine Leibowitz 

    What is your position/title?

    Executive VP of finance


    What is your favorite piece in this collection?

    Helaine dress of course! I love that it is a tent flare dress that fits everyone’s body type perfectly.


    Tell us how you first got involved working with SLNY?

    Samantha is my daughter. I have watched her since she was 14-years old till now developing her love and passion for fashion design. When she approached us to help her start the company of course I’d wanted to give her my expertise in finance to launch this wonderful company.


    Who is your style icon?

    Samantha and her grandmother Sandy are my style icons. They both have a beautiful flare to always be dressed to impress no matter what each day brings.


    What is your proudest accomplishment?

    I would have to say; raising my children and watching them blossom into amazing adults with great ambition.


    Lee Bienstock

    What is your position/title?

    I am the VP of Sales


    What is your favorite piece in this collection?

    The Kody Bow-tie is my favorite piece in this collection because I have never worn a bow tie before our company launched them, and it is the perfect bow width for universal neck sizes.


    Tell us how you first got involved with SLNY?

    Samantha and I met in college and after talking with her about her future company plan; I knew she was determined to be successful. Being in the WVU business school I worked with Samantha to get the company started. I always knew I enjoyed the sales environment and networking with others, so when Samantha asked if I was interested in helping her launch the sales side of the company, without hesitation said yes! 


    Describe yourself in three words?

    Determined, passionate and Athletic


    What are your hobbies outside of work?

    My favorite thing to do outside of work is play golf. I love that it is a challenging sport where you only play against yourself. Giving yourself the challenge to keep trying, knowing that there is always room for improvement is what makes this the greatest game in the world.


    larryLarry Bilker

    What is your position/Title?

    Technology Coordinator


    What is your favorite piece in this collection?

    The Lynne Classic Dress.  Its style is timeless.  I especially like the one in black and white.


    How long have you worked with Samantha?

    I have been working with Samantha since the company first launched.


    If you could go back in time and give your 16-year-old self one piece of advice what would it be?

    I would tell my 16-year-old self to have more fun but most importantly to do what you love and love what you do.


    What is the most challenging part of your job?

    Besides keeping up with Sam, the most challenging part of the job is creating a unique customer experience that can differentiate our growing company along with all of the building we have to do.




    Lauren Winigrad

    What is your position/Title?

    Human Resources


    What is your favorite piece in this collection?

    I am really attached to The Lauren High Low dress since it is exactly my style! I also really like the Livie tent dress. The tuxedo dress and the Samantha dress are one of my favorites since they are both so innovative.


    How long have you known Samantha Leibowitz and how would you describe her?

    I have known Sam for about 14 years. I would describe her as someone who is organized, motivated and always goes after what she wants. I consider her one of my best friends and she always makes life exciting! It is always an adventure when I am with Samantha!


    If you could go back in time and give your 16-year-old self one piece of advice what would it be?

    Even though my 16-year old self would never listen to this, I would tell her to make the art that you want to make, regardless of what anyone says even if it is bad.


    What fashion trend do you currently love?

    The fashion trend I’m currently obsessed with are bralettes. I love the different colors, lace and styles. Many designers make clothes that make it hard to cover up so it is nice to have something that covers that as well.

    Daniel Quintana

    What is your title/position?

    Executive Assistant


    What is your favorite piece in this collection?

    It's a tough choice, but I would have to say that my favorite piece in this collection is the Lauren High Low Dress. I’m a big fan of the cut all around, and I think it looks great in both available patterns and in white. 


    What do you love about working with SLNY?

    I love the energy and vibe of both the SLNY team and the first collection. Ever since meeting Sam, she has gone out of here way to teach me the ins and outs of the fashion industry as she has learned through her own experiences. She brings a great attitude to work everyday and it’s contagious. Can’t wait for the world to get their hands on the first Samantha Leibowitz collection. 


    Tell me about your first experience running New York Fashion Week behind the scenes.

    My first experience running fashion week behind the scenes took place in February 2016 and it was a great experience. Having been my first fashion week experience, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I was definitely very excited. Sam helped me prepare for the show the day before and to all of our delights, the show ran smoothly and was a success. I’m looking forward to the many fashion shows to come!


    What are your hobbies outside of work?

    My hobbies outside of work include photography, playing sports - primarily basketball and golf right now - and watching Game of Thrones. 



    Mirna Jose 

    What is your position/title?

    Hair and makeup stylist


    What is your favorite piece in this collection?

    My favorite piece in the collection are all the no show bands because it makes me feel comfortable that everything is concealed.


    What was your first job experience like working with Samantha Leibowitz?

    Not only is she super talented, assertive and professional but also Samantha is wise beyond her years.


    Where do you get your beauty inspirations?

    I get my beauty inspiration from the New York City Streets… from regular women.


    Describe yourself in three words.

    Hardworking, intuitive and modern



    Mike Kequte

    What is your position/title?

    I am the face of the tie collection


    What is your favorite piece in this collection?

    I think my favorite piece would have to be the Fred Tie


    Tell us how you first met Samantha?

    We first met at a group meeting for NYFW where we immediately hit it off. Now Samantha and I work together as I am the face of the men’s tie line and together we shoot at my photography studio called Famed Studio.


    What are some of your hobbies outside of work?

    Typically when I am not working I enjoy working out, spending time with friends and family as well as working with charities.


    Can you tell us how you first got started with Famed Studios?

    I first got started with Famed Studio, because I felt that it was the right time right place for a studio. I wanted to bring in my clientele and connect them with an affordable shooting location in Midtown. To find out more information about Famed Studio check out their page at



    Dave Singleton 

    What is your position/title?

    I am the face of the new bow tie collection.


    What is your favorite piece in this collection?

    Bow ties by Samantha Leibowitz!


    Are you excited to be the face of the bow-tie line for SLNY?

    Super excited to be in New York City for the summer and stepping out of my comfort zone to try a new hobby.


    How many years have you worked in industry?

    This is my first time ever in a fashion show and I am truly blessed to be apart of this event.


    What are some of your hobbies outside of work?

    I am a former professional basketball player and now I work for my own skill and development program name Coaching Victory based out of Coatesville, PA.




    Sarah Luke

    What is your position/title?

    I am a model for SLNY.


    What is your favorite piece in this collection?

    I would have to say my favorite piece is the Lynne Dress


    What do you love about working with SLNY?

    Samantha is such a great person to work with. She is always very happy, smiling and her passion for what she does really shows in her work.


    Who is your style icon?



    What was your first job experience like working with Samantha Leibowitz?

    The first time I worked with Samantha Leibowitz was this past February for New York Fashion Week. There was so much going on but Samantha made it such a great experience and everything went perfectly. I’m looking forward to working with her in the future.



    Michael Nemirovsky

    What is your position/title?

    Fashion Show Music Manager


    What is your favorite piece in this collection?

    I think my favorite piece in this collection would have to be the Samantha Dress.


    Tell us how you first got involved working with Samantha Leibowitz?

    I met Samantha’s mom through a mutual family friend and we got to talk. From there she introduced me to Samantha and we hit it off instantly and have been working together ever since. I have now been producing the music for every fashion show she has been showing in.


    How many years have you been DJ-ing?

    I have been a DJ for a little over ten years now.


    What is your favorite sport/game to watch or play?

    One of my favorite sports to watch is football and of course I love the eagles. I also really enjoy watching basketball and I am a big Indiana Hoosiers fan.  



    Arianna Sinclair

    What is your position/title?

    Fashion Show Producer


    What is your favorite piece in this collection?

    I love all the no show bands!


    What was the feeling you had when meeting your fashion show producer icon, Lynne O’Neill?

    When I first met Lynne O’Neill it was during the middle of Men’s Fashion Week and I saw her out of the corner of my eye while I was speaking with a model. I was so excited and nervous because she is Lynne O’Neill! The Model Whisperer! I was so star stuck but I went up to introduce myself and from there I felt like it was fate! We really hit it off and have worked together during some fashion shows since.


    What are some of your hobbies outside of work?

    One of my favorite hobbies outside of work would have to be traveling. I feel like a lot of my inspiration comes from traveling to different places in the world. I find myself to be a very visual person, as my job entails me to be, so I get a lot of great ideas from traveling that I try to incorporate into my work.


    What is your favorite part about being a fashion show producer?

    My favorite part about being a fashion show producer would have to be seeing the actual vision come to life. Being a fashion show producer is almost like being a wedding coordinator but for a designer. It takes a lot of effort and we work on it for six months for it to only be shown for about twelve minutes so it is really amazing seeing that vision come to life!



    Hayley Weycer

    What is your position/title?

    Social Media and Public Relations Intern


    What is your favorite piece in this collection?

    Hands down, my favorite piece in this collection is The Terry Two piece. I love the versatility of this style and all my friends know that I am overly obsessed with the two-piece look.


    What is your favorite social media outlet?

    That's a very tough question because I feel every social media outlet has its different benefits, but to answer the question, I think Instagram and Snapchat win. Instagram never seems to bore me and I am always excited to look through people's pages because they choose to highlight a single picture. Snapchat allows me to get a glimpse into the daily lives of what my friends and favorite companies are doing making me feel always connected.


    What fashion trend do you currently love?

    I am in love the platform sandal look. They are so comfortable and so easy to wear during the summer. 


    Describe yourself in three words.

    Creative, energetic, outgoing



    Christine O’Keeffe 

    What is your position/title?

    Blogging and Design intern


    What is your favorite piece in this collection?

    My favorite piece in this collection would have to be the Lynne Classic Black and White dress. It is so simplistic yet classy and can be worn to just about anything!


    What do you love about working with SLNY?

    I love the environment and the energy here at SLNY!


    What is your favorite quote?

    I think my favorite quote would have to be, “In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different” by Coco Chanel.


    What is your favorite clothing item hanging in your closet?

    My favorite thing hanging in my closet would have to be my Free People crochet dress. It is a fit and flare dress that is very simplistic, but the crochet and lace detailing on it really give this dress an edge.

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  •  June 7, 2016

    Each year the West Virginia University Alumni Association puts together a private fashion show, which showcases the creative styles of local stores as well as their successful alumni designers. This year we are proud to announce that Samantha Leibowitz will have twenty designs from her latest collection featured on the runway in Charleston, West Virginia. Hosted by TLC’s “Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta” Monte Durham, this event is sure to be a remarkable night!

    Since graduating West Virginia in December 2014, Samantha Leibowitz has gone on to launch her own line based in New York City. She has efficiently created a contemporary collection, combining her love of prints and color as well and the classic black and whites.  Presenting part of her line for the first time at the Charleston Civic Center, Samantha is happy to announce that her entire collection will be available for pre-sale for those in attendance at the show.

    The  “Chic-to-Chic Charity Fashion Show” is one of the University’s most highlighted events of the year. Samantha is honored to be working with her Alumni association, as well as having their support right before her online store launch on July 1st.  This night promises to be a night of great fashion, raffle prizes and the amazing chance to meet the designers featured in the show! All the profits from this event will help benefit the alumni as well as student programing. If you would like to purchase tickets, please visit the website for more information.








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  • June 5, 2016

    Who’s that girl in the little black dress? ... For those of you who have not yet heard of fashion designer Samantha Leibowitz, that is all about to change. Samantha arrived on the scene in August 2015 and officially released the launch of her company, Samantha Leibowitz New York. With her love of fashion and sophisticated style, Samantha followed her dream and became the CEO and Creative Director of her own company.

    From dresses, tops, skirts, ties, bow ties and accessories, Samantha does it all creating a look from dawn until dusk! Working tirelessly, Samantha and her team design each piece with bright bold prints and the classic black and whites to reach the ever-changing styles for the modern woman. Meet the creative mind behind Samantha Leibowitz New York:


    What were the first steps you took in the fashion world?

    The first steps that I took in the fashion world were designing purses and dresses as well as matching ties. I also began making my own homecoming and prom dresses, as well as designing my date’s ties. Then, by my senior year of high school I actually designed all of my girlfriend’s dresses as well as their date’s ties!


    Who is your Style Icon?

    My style icon would definitely have to be Blake Lively. To me she is the definition of chic. She is someone who knows how to dress her body from her everyday street style to rocking her baby bump on the red carpet. She is cautious of her body yet is also able to dress as a stylish 28-year-old woman in today’s society. I think my favorite piece that she wore was the Met Gala Burberry dress that was custom designed for her. I thought the flow of the dress was amazing and would be something that I could see myself designing for fashion week.


    What are some of your inspirations when designing your line?

    Architecture is definitely one of my biggest inspirations, especially living in New York City. I think you can get inspiration from looking at the different shapes of windows to get a cool print idea, or from the structure of a building that is a great curve for a bodice. Also, in the reflections of buildings you can really see unique colors depending on the time of day. It can spark that creative thought process when you see a great blue and try to figure out, “now how do I make it that electric”.


    What is the mood of your latest collection?

    I feel that the mood we are going for in this collection is that fun summer vibe. My team and I have made sure these clothing pieces are a contemporary ready-to-wear line, that you can wear to work and then dress it up to go out that night! I have worked hard to really create a style that is fun, yet can easily be worn by my grandmother, mom and I… and we are all from a very large generational gap!


    How do you hope to differentiate yourself in an industry full of talented designers?

    I think many designers may not always look at the technical aspect, and may jump right to the prints and colors they want instead of the feel and look of a garment. I feel as though I do a great job of putting things in fashion week that are not only going to be on the runway, but also putting pieces in that will be used and worn everyday. To me the fit and structure of a garment are extremely important. I want the women who wear my clothing to be comfortable and to know that the piece they are buying will have that perfect fit.


    Lastly, tell us the idea behind the Little Black Samantha Dress and what inspired it?

    The Samantha dress is something that I started working on when I was about fourteen years old… so I knew it was something that had to come out instantly! The idea was that every girl wants and needs a little black dress in her closet. From a professional event to a social event, I have worked hard to make sure that every girl wants to wear our little black dress since it is so unique and different. The Samantha dress has a drawstring that comes up the side seam to adjust the length of it. It is a very technical piece, and whether you are six foot or five feet, this dress is easily able to adjust to your height! It the first dress that came out in my collection and is the dress that I will continuously put in every collection, but modify it to fit the season as well as the current trend!


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