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July 15, 2017

Personal shopper and stylist, Roxy has become close to Sam since the launch of SLNY in 2015. Here we have some exclusive questions to get to know Roxy. Check out her favorite fashion icons and NYC hangouts, as well as some tips from her amazing sense of style!



Describe your personal style: My style is feminine with and edge. The Uptown girl who likes to wear a black dress, chunky heels and a leather jacket, but at the same time pearl earrings and an unexpected vintage accessories. 


How you got started in the fashion industry: I fell into the fashion industry. I've always considered myself professional shopper, haha, clear back in high school I was spreading out my high school clothing budget, repurposing items and sewing my own Halloween costumes. I've always been obsessed with fashion and trends. After moving to NYC in 2009, it took me a couple years to realize that tourists had no idea where to shop. I exceled at finding the new-next-and well loved local boutiques and designers so decided I should share them! I love being able to support the local fashion economy with my business. 


How you met Sam: I met Sam at the Fashion Trade show! I walked by the booth and couldn't help but notice her amazing designs and fabrics. After chatting shortly, I learned she attended WVU- much to my surprise, I am a West Virginia girl and grew up an hour from Morgantown WV.  It was meant to be!


Vintage or modern?: A mix! I love finding a great vintage accessories and mixing it in with something modern. I especially love vintage jewelry. 


Your fashion icon: Everyday women.


Favorite spaces in NYC: So many. To name a few: Gramercy Park, Maison Premiere for oysters and champagne, Lansdowne Road for beer and wings, Blue Bottle Coffee, Glaciers Bake Shop, The Central Park Conservatory Gardens, The Garment District and all the brilliant designers I work with.


Your proudest moment so far in your career: Reaching 500 shoppers in 15 countries!  


Things that inspire you: Walks in central park, people watching, a song, a book, a well-made dress. :) 


Your go-to styling tips: Don't be afraid to take a risk! Wear clothes that fit well and make you feel great. For example, just because everyone is wearing skinny jeans, doesn’t mean you have to. Wear what makes your smile. Try to think about buying quality over quantity.


Your favorite piece(s) from SLNY: Tough choice! This month I'm really feeling the Genna Swing Skirt and for early fall I cant wait to wear the Milberg Maxi! I absolutely love Sam's fabric. 



Make sure to check out Roxy’s website, Shop With Rox, for more style tips and inquiries! And don't forget, today only get 40% off the Genna Swing Skirt with code ROX40. xo, SLNY.









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