samantha leibowitz

Company History

Inspired by art and architecture, samantha leibowitz new york designs the latest trends in dresses, tops, skirts, rompers and accessories. All pieces are for everyday wear, from dawn until dusk. Each ensemble is made for you: whether it’s a day in the office, a night on the town, or a casual dinner date.

The company officially launched in New York City in 2015 and is making its mark in the contemporary dresses world of fashion. The team works overtime to create a unique fit for every shape and size. Every piece is designed uniquely to deliver a No Showproduct that always conceals intimates. Expressing itself with bright colors and classic black and whites, Samantha Leibowitz New York strives to please the ever-changing trends for a variety of women.

The silhouettes are designed to be sleek, pragmatic, colorful, classic, and concealing. Samantha Leibowitz New York is spirited when creating versatile apparel for the curious, passionate and trendy fashion innovators of the world.   

Welcome to the bold world of design with samantha leibowitz new york

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