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Originally from The Main Line outside Philadelphia, Samantha Leibowitz grew up with art museums, architecture and gardens at her exposure. The arts continue to inspire her creative mind when designing versatile apparel for her collections.

At the age of eight, Samantha's love of fashion began inside the world-known King of Prussia Mall. Shopping trips with her grandmother and mother piqued her fashion interest. She followed the latest trends, accessorizing accordingly. Samantha watched with wide-eyes. Dress to impress was the motto at an early-age. 

In 2007, and only in the eighth grade, Samantha not only knew her love of fashion, but decided she was going to be a designer. After launching her career at the age of 14 on the Fashion Board for Nordstrom, her passion grew stronger for the industry. Her fashion sense expanded and encouraged her to grow her high school’s fashion design program. Mary Kaye Rhude-Faust mentored Samantha throughout high school. She created a program for Samantha to advance her skills in pattern making, draping, designing, sketching and color. Before her senior year of high school, Samantha completed Drexel’s Summer Fashion Program, where she took these skills to a new level. Right before graduating high school, Samantha hosted a fashion show with 50 of her designs from 2008 to 2011 and donated all the proceeds to the Susan G. Komen Foundation. By the end of high school, she learned under the Creative Director of Heartstrings.

While completing her studies at West Virginia University, Samantha studied and learned under notable companies, such as Revelry Dress and Lilly Pulitzer. Samantha became a certified colorist. She majored in Fashion Design & Merchandising with an emphasis on Business. Her junior year she showcased in the fashion show her draped line inspired by Rock of Ages. Her collection combined multiple medias within her sketches, a variety of textures within her trims and fabrications and an extraordinary look book recreating the Bourbon Room. Samantha completed the program in only three-and-a-half years before moving to Manhattan in December 2014.

After learning her love for prints and color, she became a colorist for Dana-Co associated with Natori. After completing more freelance jobs, she took all her knowledge of fittings from the past nine years to find the ultimate fit for her customer.

In August 2015, Samantha officially launched the company known to be samantha leibowitz new york. She has efficiently designed contemporary, technical masterpieces for the bold, the independent, the adventurous and the fashion innovators. Her primary focuses are sophisticated dresses, luxurious tops, classic skirts and elegant accessories. 



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