samantha leibowitz


New York Fashion Week
New York Fashion Week: Featuring Samantha Leibowitz, House of Sadia, & Henry Picado February 16, 2016
I am American Made

I Am American Made: Samantha Leibowitz is Proud to Manufacture in the USA
Alum Debut’s Fashion Line

Alum Debut’s Fashion Line: The Spoke Featuring Samantha Leibowitz New York’s Line
Main Line Today - Hope Gala 2014 for the Devereaux Foundation

Main Line Today: The Leibowitz Family Sponsor’s The Devereux Foundation Gala
Beaches & Bubbly Blog

Beaches & Bubbly Blog: Lauren Simkin’s Modeling Samantha Leibowitz New York Spring 2017 Line
Philadelphia Friendship Circle Sponsor

Philadelphia Friendship Circle: Samantha Leibowitz New York Proudly Sponsors
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