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Weekly Essentials

June 12, 2017

As the weather in New York shifts from chilly, overcast skies to a sweltering heat of 90+ degrees, our wardrobe inspiration for this week has taken a complete 180. As a result, these weekly essentials are all about keeping your clothing light and airy during these next few hot summer days. SLNY always has you covered, dawn until dusk, so take a look at what we’re loving this week. 

1. White Colleen Romper : Ditch the sweaters (finally!) and throw on our white Colleen Romper the next time you head out into the heat. Its lightweight fabric keeps you cool and dry, and it falls perfectly straight on your body’s curves, which means you won’t have to uncomfortably peel the fabric off of you on a hot day. Plus, the crisp white color will bring a fresh, beachy feel to whatever you have planned on this beautiful Monday.

2. Glossier Invisible Shield Sunscreen : While we feel that it’s always important to keep your skin protected at all times, wearing sunscreen during the summer months is essential. Yes, this sunscreen is strong and will protect your skin against harmful sun damage and pollutants, but it’s also breathable and feels light on your skin, which matches this light and airy theme we have going on here. This sunscreen resembles the white Colleen Romper, which also is light and breathable, yet is made of 100% UV protectant fabric. What’s more, the Glossier Invisible Shield actually doubles as a base for your makeup, so no sticky residue (and no excuses!).

3. S’well Water Bottle : Sticking with the slight gold theme (make sure to check out the simple, gold detailing on the Colleen Romper zipper), a reusable water bottle is a must for on-the-go city dwellers. S’well perfectly combines functionality with beautiful aesthetics, which is exactly what we aim for at SLNY. This water bottle will keep drinks cold for 24 hours, perfect for an impromptu spin class at the end of the day.

4. Ray Ban Sunglasses : An oldie but a goodie. Sometimes, the classics are just too good to give up. Unleash your classic Ray Ban sunglasses to block the sun and accompany the timeless, white Colleen Romper in order for your wardrobe to scream, “effortlessly cool.” 

5. Rebecca Minkoff Medium Julian Backpack : This hands free accessory is perfect for busy summer days. With multiple pockets and zippers to fit all of your weekly essentials, this backpack can handle all of your workday and weekend plans. Whether you purchase it in antique white, black leather, or a fun, bright color for the summer, this versatile accessory pairs perfectly with our Colleen Romper.


We hope you enjoy the first Weekly Essentials of the summer! xo, SLNY.



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